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"It's begun - No turning back. City to city we're fighting back, haven't changed the world but we've made a start. We're digging in and fighting smart and like a plague. We'll continue to spread. Fight their values until they're dead. We're serious and we won't go away. We fight for a better world - today. Laugh or frown, it's all the same. Won't play by your rules...Cause we hate your game."
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Classics never die #badbrains

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Heavier Than Heaven Lonelier Than God


Blacklisted - “Memory Layne”

How do you rise, when all you know is the downside?



One of the best



One of the best

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The Icemen,
Rest In Peace 7"


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Gorilla Biscuits at The Berlin Wall


Gorilla Biscuits at The Berlin Wall

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One of my favorite NYHC albums

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Dying For It


Panic - Strength In Solitude

I’m afraid I’ll lose myself
A part of my heart lost in someone else

Kids like us will be alone forever
Kids like us will be alone together

See the world through crosshair eyes 

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Click here to watch more of this instant-classic segment from last night’s Daily Show.

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If your a dude in your 30s you know what’s up. “I want her to live, I want her to breath… I want her to aerobicise!” #wcw #kellylebrock #firstcrush

Hardest 2 songs of 2013. If you think I’m incorrect than you must know nothing about hard jams. #nowarning

Top 15 albums of 2013: (Part 2)

8. Nails- “Abandon All Life”
9. Ion Reagan- “Worse Than Dead”
10. Red Hare- “Nites of Midnight”
11. Palms- Self titled
12. Balance & Composures- “The Things We Think We’re Missing”
13. MLIW- “Fever Hunting”
14. Bad Religion- “True North”
15. All Pigs Must Die- “Nothing Violates This Nature”

Top 15 Albums of 2013:
1. Daylight – “Jars”
2. City & Colour – “Hurry and the Harm”
3. Call of the Void- “Dragged Down a Dead End Path”
4. Power Trip- “Manifest Decimation”
5. Carcass- “Surgical Steal”
6. Rival Mob- “Mob Justice”
7. Angel Dust- “Xtra Raw”